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«Russell took some excellent Photos of our Florida vacation home in January 2015. We have had two or three sets of professional photos done previously for advertising purposes as we rent the home out as a short term rental part of the time. Russell's photos have been the best yet, particularly the internal ones which displayed a much more lifelike color balance. Russell was very pleasant to deal with. He was open to suggestions and nothing seemed too much trouble, even returning on a second occasion to take more outside photos when the light was better. I'm confident that his photos help us show prospective clients exactly what they would be getting in our rental home.»

«Small expenditures often equal large gains. We post our home to multiple vacation property sites including our property manager’s site. What we noticed is that our home looked far better than any of the pictures we could take or that our management company had taken. We struggled with distinguishing ourselves in a forest of homes. That’s when we came upon Orlando Interior Photography. They worked quickly to photograph our home and returned pictures to us in multiple sizes for various advertising media. The photography showed professional composition, and more than anything else made our home look like it’s supposed to look. Since launching our new photographs on various sites we have noticed an exponential increase in views, which has led to a multiplication of inquiries and bookings. The other thing that we have noticed is the number of people who see our pictures as a key to our success and make amateur efforts to recreate them in their own homes. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but imitating Orlando Interior Photography is not easy or advised. Spend the money and make more.»

«I have had photographs done of our Florida Vacation Rental in the past and although they were good photographs I found that they didn't quite capture the essence of our home. After searching on Google I found Orlando Interior Photography. The website is a fantastic showcase for Russell's work and I immediately knew this was the company for capturing the love and care we put into our home. I am thrilled with our new photographs and many guests have complimented us on them and said they booked as the photo's looked so beautiful. In the vacation rental industry a photo conveys a thousand words, so they need to be great and mine now are. Thank you so much Russell»

«Russel provided a friendly and profession service, he arrived promptly as arranged and produced excellent photos of the villa I would certainly recommend him to anyone considering updating their villa profile»

«Orlando Interior Photography has taken some absolutely fantastic pictures of our holiday rental. In the past we have always taken our own pictures and thought they were really good, well that was until we had Russell (the owner) take these ! now we are never going to do anything else other than have Russell take the pictures ! He is very easy to work with, understands exactly how to best showcase each of the rooms and is great with working around our busy calender, a fantastic service and at a superb price. We can't recommend him highly enough !! Orlando Interior Photography you have a huge thank you from Nick and Rachael at Sunrise Villa !!»

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